In a time of staying home, limiting contact, and even completely quarantining in some parts of the world, REALTECH has made a few changes in light of the current health crisis.

Here are a couple things we are doing now: 

  • Moving all meetings online - All client and company meetings are being held virtually via an online meeting platform
  • Attending upcoming events virtually - REALTECH will be attending IBM Think and SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference virtually. Contact us to set up a meeting, as we would during the physical event.
  • Demoing all solutions remotely - The current health crisis does not affect our ability to show you our solution in action. Scheduling a demo is an easy way to see all the features of a SmartChange module in real time.

Our ability to serve and render SAP Managed Services and SAP Change Management Solutions has not been affected during this time. However, many of our clients have been personally affected by the current environment. That’s where we’re spending the majority of our time right now. We’re working with our clients to help them continue with their SAP initiatives, including migrations to S/4HANA as well as implementations of change management solutions. 

We thank you for your continued business during this time and into the future!