Secure, transparent and automated execution of ABAP and non-ABAP transports

Companies often face the challenge of having to increasingly adapt complex SAP systems to new requirements with limited resources. Whether minor adjustments or complex enhancements: SAP transports must be transferred from the development systems to the target systems quickly, easily and without risk. With the complexity of SAP system landscapes, as well as the number and scope of changes required, there is an increasing need to support the implementation of changes with corresponding IT solutions.

SmartChange Transport Management


REALTECH offers the Transport Management module from SmartChange: It helps companies to transport changes, for example to development objects in the ABAP Workbench or in Customizing, to the appropriate target systems without jeopardizing the availability of company-relevant SAP applications.


Flexibly configurable, automated workflows and processes: Transports are distributed automatically and synchronized on the basis of defined target routes and taking into account defined release and approval workflows – even in complex and dynamic SAP system landscapes.

Centralized Transportation Management:
Users have a single interface for monitoring transportation processes and approving shipments.

Comprehensive Reporting:
Integrated reporting environment with extensive configuration and drill-down options provides reports down to the object level (ex. the TOP 10 of the changed objects).

Automatic Documentation:
changes are automatically documented to be auditable and are traceable at any time.

Integrated Quality Assurance:
Extensive automated checks allow SmartChange to avoid typical risks for productive SAP systems. This is how the collision check displays if the same or overlapping objects are in different transport requests and there is a risk of overruns. Transports can also be checked for pre-defined critical objects or dependencies. Since theGuard! SmartChange is also a check of transports for completeness possible. Before importing to a target system, a check is made as to whether necessary objects in the transport request or in the target system are available as part of a change. This helps to avoid errors and downtime in productive systems caused by missing objects or wrong object versions.


The Transport Management module from SmartChange enables companies to significantly improve efficiency, security and quality as well as transparency and traceability in SAP Change and Transport Management.

By automating processes and workflows, integrated audits, and extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, you can minimize the time, risk, and cost of change.

By avoiding potentially dangerous transports, such as transports, which involve overhauling, reworking and system downtime is avoided. Ensuring adherence to defined workflows and processes reduces coordination and audit efforts. At the same time, compliance requirements are taken into account. And with a high degree of automation, time-consuming manual activities can be avoided.


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