REALTECH SAP Add On Products


Increased security and quality in SAP Change and Transport Management

Many companies face the challenge of continually adapting increasingly complex SAP systems to new or changed requirements with limited resources. In doing so, it is necessary to avoid risks for productive operation by, for example, overtaking and incomplete transports as well as unnecessary additional work. In addition, changes have to be documented - especially with regard to revision safety - and can be carried out at any time in a comprehensible manner. 

Modules at a Glance

Overview of modules

Change Process Management
Easy implementation of company-wide change and release processes according to COBIT, ITIL etc.

Transport management
Secure, transparent and automated execution of ABAP and non-ABAP transports

Synchronization Management
Simple, reliable and automated synchronization of parallel SAP development systems

Code Profiling
Effective and efficient testing of ABAP code for security, compliance and quality  

Your benefits at a glance

theGuard! SmartChange supports enterprises through flexibly configurable, automated workflows and processes, as well as extensive quality audits, to make changes even in complex and dynamic SAP system landscapes safer, more efficient as well as transparent and comprehensible at any time.  

 The solution can be implemented within a few days and, due to its high flexibility, it can easily be adapted to company-specific requirements.Numerous customers from different industries are already using one or more modules from theGuard! SmartChange, including Microsoft, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Paramount Pictures among others.