SAP application – not at all static

Applying service packs, meeting business department needs, ensuring the efficient operation of applications – SAP applications are not at all static. They require constant development work and must be adapted to changing business requirements. The complexity of SAP projects today results in a large number of change requests. These need to be managed from a single point of control and implemented in a secure and efficient manner. The challenge here is to integrate all changes into the overall release planning process and to develop, test, and verify the quality of these changes in the parallel systems. At the same time, the IT department is expect-ed to handle these processes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

SAP Change Management with SmartChange

SmartChange gives you intelligent SAP change management. Its modular design provides sup-port for all subdisciplines of modern SAP change management:

Manage all SAP change management processes from a single point of control
Ensure the synchronous and secure import of ABAP and JAVA transports
Synchronize SAP development systems in a simple and reliable manner
Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your ABAP code

All modules share a common data foundation to make sure that the people involved in a process can find the information they need where they need it.



Increase availability of your SAP applications

Minimize the risk of system failures. All SAP trans-ports and object dependencies are checked for completeness before the go-live to prevent erroneous objects from making their way into the production systems. In cases where incidents do occur, SmartChange will come to the rescue: Its complete documentation of all activities down to the object level will make it easy to pinpoint and eliminate problems.

Maximize efficiency in your SAP change management

The high level of automation in SmartChange reduces the time your users have to spend de-fining processes and handling day-to-day operations. Its templates reduce process design tasks to a few clicks of the mouse and help you enforce standards across the enterprise. Individual process steps can be conveniently executed using mobile devices.

Create reliable audit trails

The intelligent combination of individual modules and the documentation of all activities down to the object level give you full visibility into your change management activities. Never worry about regulatory compliance (SOX, FDA etc.) again. The built-in standard reports give you instant access to the information required by your auditors. KPI reports offer different views of the processes, providing valuable management data.



SmartChange gives you a SMART solution.

Its modular design lets you stay flexible at all times:

Change process Management Run, manage, and track SAP change processes from a single point of control

Transport Management Synchronize and secure your ABAP and JAVA transports

Synchronization Management Synchronize SAP development systems in a simple and reliable manner

You can focus on individual disciplines or gradually implement the entire SAP change management solution. Whether you choose individual components or the complete solution, your SAP change management will benefit from an intelligent data foundation that makes information available precisely where it is needed.

Go live in no time

Regardless of which path you choose, you will benefit from a rapid go-live. SmartChange can be installed within days. At the same time, your users will receive professional training to fully familiarize them with the software.

No additional hardware cost

SmartChange is an SAP add-on application that integrates with your SAP system – there is no need to invest in additional hardware. Your users will be able to work in their familiar SAP interface, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring high acceptance among users and administrators.

Integration with third-party solutions

You would like to integrate your SAP change management with your enterprise-wide IT service management? SmartChange was designed to easily integrate with existing tool environments such as the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk, giving you consistent processes throughout the enterprise. And it is just as easy to incorporate information from external data sources into the data pool of SmartChange. This gives you the ability to leverage a reliable data foundation in your decision making.




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