“IM is a powerful software solution that enables companies to standardize and operate their
interfaces with 25% the effort the SAP standard requires.“

Migrating to S/4 from SAP R/3® or another ERP application provides you with a sound platform for your
mySAP® and e-Business environments. Using Interface Manager, you can quickly and easily develop
interfaces to and from your R/3 application and substantially reduce the amount of maintenance

Its flexible and intuitive user interface makes Interface Manager Xchange easy to use and quick to

Interface Manager helps you to create a more successful SAP working environment and reduces the
amount of unpleasant work by automating your enterprise architecture:

Parallel SAP development landscapes make it possible to separate the maintenance landscape with its
short-term corrections from the longer-term development landscape for a new release. This allows you
to work on a new release without jeopardizing the productive SAP landscape. It is important to
synchronize changes in the maintenance landscape with the changes in the release landscape.
Therefore, errors that have already been corrected in the maintenance landscape are not returned to
the production landscape during the later release roll-out.

On top of that, Interface Manager streamlines business operation of SAP processes and interfaces:

card image

Central Monitor for interface runs

card image

Interface processing

card image

Interface sequencing

card image

Reprocessing options

card image

Error handling

Basic Functionality:

Save time and money with efficient interface management

Save time and money with efficient interface management

– Automatic interface generation and maintenance
– Easy data mapping and data conversion
– Flexible process management
– Monitoring and error management
– Graphical interface in the S/4 GUI

Interface Manager Xchange provides additional functionality such as

Interface Manager Xchange provides additional functionality such as

– Transparent link between SAP S/4 systems and hybrid IT landscapes
– Direct data exchange between S/4 and third-party systems (More than 100 different connectors to operating systems, DBMS and ERP applications).
– World Wide Web connection for e-Business
– Data transfer monitoring
The high-performance interface solution is successfully used by more than 40 of the world’s largest corporations.

Error Management Instead of Error Messages: In a live environment, Interface Manager monitors and controls all of the interface processes. Intelligent error management not only notifies the system administrator in the event of an error, it also supports active data correction.

Increased Data Security and Transparency: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption ensures that data is safely transmitted. IM/3 provides you with the information you need about all of your S/4 interfaces in a clear overview, enabling you to control, analyze and correct all of the data flows and processes.

Flexible and Non-Proprietary: Interface Manager and the Xchange give you the flexibility you need to effectively manage your interface processes. Almost every system – and even future technology – can be integrated, making your investment more than secure. Interface management requires sound expertise. As a mySAP partner and the leader in S/4 technology consulting, we put all of our project experience and development knowledge into our software duo Interface Manager and the Interface Manager Xchange.


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