S/4HANA Planning and why automation is the best practice for your SAP changes!

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During discussions with SAP clients one thing has become clear to me that on their S/4HANA journey, people are not thinking about their SAP Change management process during this planning sessions. I have heard many stories about how they are having hours of planning sessions for this journey deciding when and how to proceed to the digital core, which depending on your existing state can cause its own amount of challenges and decisions, but they are forgetting a key decision that could drastically cause project failure if not accounted for which is SAP change and transport management.  Its not sexy or a fun topic but it’s something that needs to be discussed in these sessions.

When I am in these discussions, I ask them some fundamental questions and it usually goes like this:

My question – How are you going to manage the SAP changes considering you will know have to manage dual landscapes and multiple freeze periods possibly depending on your strategy?

SAP client answer – “that’s a good question” or “Basis will do this” or “we haven’t thought about this”

My Answer – Um OK, have you ever thought about automating these processes to streamline and lower your risks?

SAP client answer – not really it is getting managed somehow anyway or we have emails and spreadsheets to manage this and multiple people in the process.

I am writing this blog to inform SAP clients that you positively need to consider how you are going to do this important technical task during your planning phase of your S/4HANA sessions. Depending on a Greenfield, Brownfield or other strategy your company decides on, one thing is for sure it will add more SAP changes in your environments and the need to synchronize them into the new S/4 environments during the project and before cutover.

REALTECH’s Smartchange follows best practices and has out of the box S/4HANA templates to use for workflow built in for S/4HANA projects. By implementing our SmartChange suite in just a few weeks, you can automate these processes and eliminate one less decision for your S/4HANA planning sessions.

We have helped several large enterprise companies automate and synchronize SAP environments with our solution and it is best of breed in the market today. Contact me at david.milano@realtech-us.com for more information on how we can help your company control the chaos.

More information and success stories at https://ptdrv.linkedin.com/gd2svi7 or www.realtech-us.com

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