RFI/RFP Advisory Services

Look at the Full Picture Before Making a Decision

Business & IT challenges are constantly changing, and Digital Transformation is now the wave of the future if not now. SAP customers are discussing “when” to move to another cost-effective platform/cloud solution rather than “if” they should. With REALTECH’s RFI/RFP assessment services, we now make it easy for SAP clients that have little to no experience in this space to engage the SAP experts who have done this hundreds of times without failure.  

With REALTECH, you get a platinum SAP expert who has extensive SAP digital transformation experience to help you navigate thru the vast options and decision points that come with such a massive change to your SAP workloads. 

REALTECH has helped many Fortune 500 companies digitally transform successfully and we have a cookbook of important questions/data points from our previous projects that we help our clients make the right choices, rather it be an on premise or a cloud solution. Our team has created a turn key project which includes a detailed Q/A scorecard and a vast partner network that will help you ask the most important points needed to help you make an informed decision when going thru a digital transformation within your organization.

REALTECH’s RFI/RFP assessment services is the 1st step in assisting you in making the right decisions before the major migration project happens,  

Valuable takeaways from the REALTECH advisory service are:

  • A dedicated SAP Expert who is an extension of your team with years of experience in SAP and OS/DB Migrations. 
  • REALTECH will line up the vendor discussion meetings and help with scorecard creationof what is important for your company  
  • SAP expertise that will ensure success with your Digital Transformation to S/4HANA 
  • REALTECH will line up the vendor discussions and help with scorecard creation 
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