The Challenge

 – Your SAP Systems…

– Are optimized for performance

– Have high stability and performance

– Reduce operating costs

The Solution is REALTECH Assessment Services

REALTECH Cost Assessment 

Benchmarking your SAP operation cost analysis shows if you’re paying too much, if your budget is within the market average, and even which expenses can be optimized.

 Up to 50 %

cost reduction

REALTECH System Assessment 

Benchmarking your SAP systems against the market, this comparison shows where your quality and performance measures up. It also identifies the “obstacles” in your system and shows you the way to improve them.

100 % 

Satisfied users

REALTECH License Assessment 

Transparency is the basis of flexible and effective SAP license management. This analysis shows you exactly the right license type for every user based on the actual usage.

Up to 30 % 

Lower license cost 


  • You get the knowledge of Best Practice. 
  • Fair valuation of your IT spending. 
  • ROI of REALTECH Assessment Services is usually 3 months. 
  • Reducing of SAP operation cost by realizing cost saving potentials. 
  • Increase of user satisfaction by better systems performance and stability. 
  • Improvement of planning and budget process with market values and dedicated actions items. 


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REALTECH Assessment Services