SmartChange Integrations

With today’s business requirements it is even more important to have integrations to various outside applications such as ServiceNow or JIRA. It is also vital to have access to outside testing solutions, Microsoft Sharepoint or Fileshares to have an all in one SAP change and transport system without having multiple change numbers tied to a single transport.

With SmartChange, you can have a basic integration to your existing change management solutions, making it easy to tie existing change records to an SAP transport. In a deeper level integration you can even approve from an existing platform, making it possible to trigger an approval inside SmartChange to deploy the SAP transport into the respective target environment(s)!



Reduce manual work steps and eliminate human error sources.


Put an end to silo thinking and integrate your SAP with ServiceNow, Jira, and other applications.


Benefit from our central dashboard and ensure complete documentation of your change processes.


Improve collaboration across departmental boundaries and relieve your operational/development teams.

SmartChange Solutions have an integrated framework that comes standard, where you can connect these outside applications into SAP via an RFC or web service connection. This enables you to tightly integrate your existing outside SAP platforms to SmartChange for a complete auditing, automation, and approvals solution.

Current Integrations


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