Easy implementation of company-wide uniform SAP change and release processes which provide complete transparency and visibility across your SAP environments.

In practice, SAP systems must be continuously adapted to new or changed requirements.

In order to avoid risks to productive operation when changes are made in increasingly complex and dynamic SAP landscapes, a consistent and stable process in SAP Change and Release Management is required – from the central recording, evaluation and approval of change requests through their development, testing and documentation up to the synchronized and controlled import of the associated transports into the target systems.


The module Change Process Management by SmartChange supports companies in the implementation of a consistent, transparent and stable processes in SAP Change and Release Management and also for non-sap change management processes.



Central control of SAP change and release processes

The Change Process Management module makes it possible to centrally control, synchronize and coordinate all change and release processes from a central system. An integrated release calendar provides an overview of the status of all activities at any time.

Graphical editor for easy process modeling

Using standard process templates, change and release processes can be intuitively modeled and “pushed” at the touch of a button based on existing requirements and best practices, such as described in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Automated workflows and processes

Compliance with the defined processes can be ensured on an IT-supported basis, from the structured recording of change requests with defined mandatory attributes, to binding, role-based release and approval workflows with automatic notifications, to automated checking and distribution of shipments to the relevant target systems.

Integration into the module Transport Management

With regard to automated quality assurance at the change or release level, seamless integration into the Transport Management module can be beneficial.


Improvement of your quality processes 

The module Change Process Management by SmartChange makes it possible to significantly improve process quality in SAP Change and Release Management. Process and media disruptions are avoided, managers are provided with relevant information “at the touch of a button” and existing resources can be better utilized.

Increased security in SAP Change and Release Management

In particular, integration with the Transport Management module can significantly reduce risks in SAP Change and Release Management. For example, it allows you to check for overtaking and completeness at the release, change request and transport levels. You have the ability to create dependencies between change requests to ensure they go in the correct sequence and lower your risk within your SAP environments.

Increasing transparency and sustainability

With the Change Process Management module from SmartChange, managers have an overview of all change and release processes at all times. Activities and changes are documented automatically, ensuring the link between requirements and SAP transports. Audit-relevant reports are created automatically and you have the ability to create ad-hoc reports based on your certain criteria.


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