Can you afford the failure of your SAP HANA system?

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An SAP system based on an SAP HANA database is no longer a rarity. But there are many details to consider before, during and after the migration to SAP HANA. With the recommended operating system settings, SAP specifies the requirements for SLES 12 and RHEL 7 on Intel-based hardware in the respective SAP NOTES 2205917 and 2292690. These must be adhered to for smooth operation.

Following the successful migration to SAP HANA, we have already supported many customers with objective performance analyses and subsequent recommendations for performance optimization. At this point, it makes sense to give you first an insight into our analyses , before we talk about action recommendations.

For example, we analyzed the cloud platform of a large German hosting sevice in a project. The framework conditions: SAP systems are operated worldwide at several locations for international customers; increasingly, individual customers complained about slow response times of the systems. The aim of the project was to first verify if there are any abnormalities as to how the slow response times are due to the company’s infrastructure. If so, then action recommendations for optimization were to be worked out.

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