18 Aug, 2022 - Realtech all news page

Today, when an auditor comes in they request all different kinds of information about an SAP change such as the who, what, when, where and how about the SAP changes that went to the production system. There would be several systems needed to dig this information up and you would start with the SAP logs in STMS, then go to your Lotus Notes/Sharepoint/network drive or DB where the change was stored, then over to a file cabinet where the hard copies are (I am showing my age in this one) but in the end it was a pile of discombobulated print outs and hours upon hours of work to finally get all the info to satisfy the auditing requirements to pass this.

Well I have some good news for everyone still doing it this way in your organizations, INTEGRATION of these two platforms is the key to solving this challenge. Most folks know that SAP sits in its own world but has web services available to connect to outside applications which most, if not all, Change management platforms also have this capability. The best thing to do is to integrate these platforms along with a SAP change and transport automation solution (REALTECH’s SmartChange…hint hint) where you can approve directly into the change request which calls over to SAP and approves inside the automation solution for a top down approach, once the transports are imported in to the system. You can even send that info back to the change requests so that you can see return codes, import logs etc. directly in the change management Application and for complete transparency and visibility to the change from beginning to end.

Numerous SAP customers have achieved success with integration which would streamline the auditing process and essentially save time and money by eliminating the manual process described above, we hear all the time from SAP customers who have done this integration how this has saved them when the dreaded auditor comes over and wants to see A-Z about numerous changes and what a time save it has been. Stop working harder and start working smarter with solutions like SmartChange that deliver real value and truly simplify your processes which ease your headaches.

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